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Internal Controls and Fraud Detection

Discovering fraud in a company is a most difficult challenge. In fact, it is far easier to prevent fraud with rigorous internal controls and surprise inspections than to anticipate that any audit–no matter how thorough–will ever uncover.

The sad truth is that anyone in your organization, including family members, may be engaging in behaviors that are disreputable, damaging and often illegal. Fraud ruins profitability, stunts the growth of vibrant organizations and all too often forces challenged operations into bankruptcy.From the bookkeeper to key employees, developing and stressing stringent internal controls are your best defense against losses due to fraud.

Our clients often call upon our firm to assist in developing and improving internal controls. We are also called upon to assist in forensic accounting and fraud check-up services to determine if, how and when inappropriate activities have taken place. If internal controls issues or fraud concerns are on your mind, contact our offices for a confidential, no-obligation meeting about your concerns.

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